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Build your own bagel half! All bagels include cream cheese & you pick the toppings.


Please select the bagel type & how many toppings you want. Topping options are tomato, cucumber, onion, & capers. Each topping is an additional $25. You'll then write the toppings you want in the notes section. For example, if you select 1 topping, you could write "tomato" in the notes section. If you select 3 toppings, you could write "tomato, onion, caper" in the notes section. 


Please note that the exact layout of your toppings will be up to me! Each bagel will be unique and no two toppings are the same :)


You also have an option to add a top (without cream cheese). The top can hang next to your bagel on the wall or sit face down on a shelf. 


Bagels have a small hole in the back for a nail and can be hung on a wall.


Bagels are made-to-order! This means that once you place your order I'll get started making your bagel. These aren't your average bagels so each one takes approximately 4 weeks start to finish. Please expect up to 1 month lead time!

made-to-order bagel half

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