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sunny-side-up mug - $50 

double yolk mug - $56


tile mug 1 - $90


olive magnets - $15 ea.

olive bowl - $40 (scroll down to the end for another photo)

tiles, tulips & things

I love spring because flowers start to bloom, the sun shines more, and it is my favorite eating season. I won’t bore you with the thousands of ways I think a radish can make any meal better (they can), or try to convince you that butter and radishes make the best snack (they do) you’ll have to take my word for it. In the dead of winter diving into the nuances of ceramics can be a saving grace, but in spring I just want to paint a bunch of things that remind me of why I love this season. It’s all familiar but so exciting every time. So here is a loose collection of what makes spring great. Flowers, good food, and the return of color. Don't get me wrong, summer is still my actual favorite. But part of what makes spring so great is that summer is on its way. 

Similar to the March drop, this page serves as a preview to the collection. I always hate how the showing/selling of work feels so rushed after spending months on the production, so I thought this would be a fun way for these photos and stories to live a longer life than just the day of the drop. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the collection without the stress of checking out as fast as possible.

The pieces shown on this page will all be available in my online shop at 5pm pst on 5/25!


You can also follow along on instagram for more photos of some of the pieces leading up to the drop. I'll share more details and some of my favorites over there.

Thanks so much for being here!

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lemon bowl - $120


tile mug 1 - $90 


tile mug 2 (top) - $80

tile mug 3 (bottom) - $90 


tile mug 4 - $86


tile mug 5 - $90


tile mug 6 - $90 


tile mug - $86


striped cup - $50


blueberry mug - $76


olive dishes - $24 ea.


leafy green mugs - $80 ea.


KS x SDS collab #1 - $80


KS x SDS collab #2 - $80

a little collab

As a fun treat this collection includes a funky and fun two mug collab with Kelly Stewart! Kelly is a graphic designer and she has an amazing eye for color and pattern. She’s my housemate and unofficial studio assistant (which made writing out her full name above feel weirdly formal). She’s spent a lot of late nights helping me glaze when I’m on a deadline, so she’s pretty familiar with painting ceramics. During one of those late nights I talked her into doing a few of her own drawings. This is the first time she’s painted her own designs on my mugs and I thought it was really cool to see her develop them. She used the same glazes, colors, and techniques as I do, and yet the mugs look totally different! So fun to see how the same medium can result in such different results.


collab #1 (right), collab #2 (left)


la croix mug - $90


 lemon mug - $76 


orange mug - $76

shipping & local pick-up

If you'd like to avoid shipping costs and can pick up locally, use code "LOCAL" at checkout for free pick up. You'll receive an email with pick up details once your order is packed and ready.

thank you!

IMG_4740 copy.jpg

snack dishes (blue, green, orange, and pink) - $18 ea.

4D165999-8ED6-4D3A-A7BF-A73BD72684B7 copy.JPG

snap pea mug - $80

raddish mug - $70 (this one has a teeny hairline crack on the bottom that won't affect function but is worth a little discount)


olive bowl - $40


striped mug - $60


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