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 breakfast mug (12 oz) - $90 

 pasta mug (12 oz) - $76 

IMG_2124 2.jpg

 tile cup 1 (12 oz) - $58 

dropping 3/14/22 @ 6pm pst

The pieces shown on this page will all be available in the online drop on 3/14. Mark your calendars and set your alarms! Based on previous drops, I am expecting most of them to sell quick.


That said, I hate the rushed and stressful nature of online shop updates. So I made this preview page so you can slowly peruse & read a little bit more about the pots before it gets hectic. It's like a virtual catalog, or exhibit. Grab a glass of wine or a sparkling water and scroll through the collection in your own time.


You can also follow along on instagram for more photos of some of the pieces leading up to the drop. I'll share more details and some of my favorites over there.

 nasturtium plate (9"d) - $90 

 charcuterie mug (12 oz) - $90 

 lemon mug (12 oz) - $76 

 tiny wine (2"h) - $15 ea. 

warning! I'm about to get real wordy and share some photos that aren't pots for sale. So if you're just here to preview the sale, keep scrolling! There's more after this brief break. 

kitchens on my mind

This collection is a little bit all over the place. I thought about giving it a name, but I couldn't land on something that I felt encompassed all of it (and to be honest my brain is just a little fried creatively after this photoshoot and I'm gonna give myself a break from naming). I think I also steered away from naming this collection because I plan to keep expanding on and making more of this work. Regardless of how silly I realize this is in retrospect, I feel like if I give the collection a name, it's over after I sell these pieces.


But the one thing all of these pieces have in common is that they each depict something that can be found in a kitchen. Bottles of wine, pickles in your fridge, a bowl of citrus on the counter, tiles on the backsplash. Clearly I've got kitchens on my mind. Maybe that would have been a good collection name - "Kitchens on My Mind" - we'll retroactively call it that. 


Below are some images I've found inspiring over the past couple months while I've been making this work. Spoiler alert, they're mostly kitchens. 

Page from An Illustrated Catalog of American Fruits & Nuts / The US Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection

The home of French ceramic artist Marguerite ‘Guidette’ Carbonell (1910-2008). Photo taken for Architectural Digest.

The kitchen at Farley's House in the Sussex countryside. Face tile by Picasso.

Historic Heath tile board at the showroom & factory in Sausilito, California. Photo: Heath Ceramics

Frank Gehry's kitchen in Santa Monica, California. Photo by Tim Street Porter

experimentation in majolica

This group is an experimental bunch. I've been messing around with a technique similar to majolica. Pulled from Wikipedia, "Maiolica /maɪˈɒlɪkə/ is tin-glazed pottery decorated in colours on a white background. Italian maiolica dating from the Renaissance period is the most renowned. When depicting historical and mythical scenes, these works were known as istoriato wares ("painted with stories"). By the late 15th century, multiple locations,[1] mainly in northern and central Italy, were producing sophisticated pieces for a luxury market in Italy and beyond. In France maiolica developed as faience, in the Netherlands and England as delftware, and in Spain as talavera."

I say the technique I'm using is similar because I'm not using stains on a tin glaze background, I am layering glazes on top of white glaze. Although I'm using different materials, the technique and intent is pretty close to majolica.

I'm still experimenting with this and learning which colors work best on the white. So that little bit of history and explanation is all to say I'm still learning and these pieces shown below are a little fuzzier and the colors a little lighter than I would have liked them to be and they are priced accordingly. 

The picture on the left is a collection of pottery (including lots of majolica) in my grandparent's kitchen. Looking back at it, this photo might actually be the inspiration behind the whole collection. I've always been drawn to the bright colors and glossiness of it all.

 leafy greens plate (9"w) - $72 

 olive bowl set (2 bowls, 3.25-3.5"w) - $30 

 olive cup (14 oz) - $62 

 olives - $10 ea. 

little ceramic worlds

 pickle mug (12 oz) - $76 

All the backdrops, props, and accessories in the photos are handmade by me. I got this idea in my head to add drawings to the photos and then I just got carried away from there. The props are mostly made out of paper and my trusty brush pens. (RIP to the lilac color which ran out of ink by the end of the the pink tile background). I wanted to create little worlds for the pots to live in and for the drawings on the ceramics to look like the most "real" things in the shots. I had fun playing with realism/surrealism and highlighting the glossiness of the illustrations in comparison to the matte nature of the paper and pen.

 citrus mug (12 oz) - $80 

 orange mug (12 oz) - $76

 tile cup 2 (10 oz) - $50 

 wine mug 1 (12 oz) - $90 

shipping & local pick-up

All pieces purchased in the drop will ship after 3/22. If you'd like to avoid shipping costs and can pick up locally, use code "LOCAL" at checkout for free pick up. You'll receive an email with pick up details once your order is packed and ready.

thank you!

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for being here. I know this was all a little wordy and long but I hope you enjoyed it!

Can't wait to share these pieces with you :)

As always, feel free to reach out via email or DM with any questions prior to the drop. Thank you!

 checker platter (10.5"d) - $100 

 salad bowl (6.5"w x 4.25"h) - $120 

 wine mug 2 (12 oz) - $90 


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