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dropping friday!

This collection will be available to purchase on Friday 7/1 @ 7pm PST.

This page will stay up until the drop so you can view the pieces ahead of time and plan out your purchases. Keep in mind that almost all of these pieces are one-of-a-kind and based of preview drops, they may sell out fast. So if there's something you really have your eye on be sure to be ready at 7!

This collection was originally made for my last in person market, so what I'm posting here is what's leftover from that. If you want to read a little bit of the story behind this current style of work, you can check out my march and may drop pages. Each collection is an evolution on the last and those ideas still ring true to these pieces.

Hope you enjoy!

7A9BB2C1-7488-41F7-87C3-CE3C64488CF2 2_edited.jpg

olive cup (12 oz) - $58 

3DCDA61A-1E86-4215-A89E-713BCAFFC038 2.JPG

tile mug 1 (12 oz) - $90 

2D9A856E-9A0E-41DE-839A-8D4694D36380 2_edited.jpg

tile cup 1 (12 oz) - $70

9F1F552B-02D4-4861-8432-91C141172FA5 2_edited.jpg

tile cup 2 (12 oz) - $64

8B6A21B9-E4A4-4BE3-99CF-7DFC2637E02F 2_edited.jpg

tile cup 3 (12 oz) - $64

2E6F445A-CC8F-4454-9172-5A7F45EFFE35 2.JPG

tile cup 4 (12 oz) - $70

35E81F7A-2819-4AEF-80C4-9CAF72F41CCE 2_edited.jpg

nasturtium mug (12 oz) - $76 

FB06619C-BFA6-4F53-B254-567F4284B7D1 2_edited.jpg

orange mug (12 oz) - $76 

DAEEB634-D7F8-4716-AC4C-5706D14B2434 2_edited.jpg

tile cup 5 (12 oz) - $70

EAA113E0-9C2C-42F7-A82C-F59854E3D1FA 2_edited.jpg

tile cup 6 (8 oz) - $42

2F57A4CF-5A6A-4E47-8744-1D94EBF23EB1 2_edited.jpg

sunny-side-up cup (10 oz) - $48


KS x SDS collab mug (12 oz) - $80 

0B0682E0-EB3E-4FC9-940D-A6DFDFCA6B9B 2_edited.jpg

KS x SDS collab cup 1 (12 oz) - $64

3F0C76EC-6C4C-461B-91E8-C9DC6FF21EE6 2_edited.jpg

KS x SDS collab cup 2 (12 oz) - $64

6764F134-2BDA-40BC-BD9B-FF7019FB85C2 2_edited.jpg

tile mug 4 (12 oz) - $90

91D94E1D-9DDC-47D1-9A77-B5CBAEFB1059 2_edited.jpg

tile mug 5 (12 oz) - $90

FA4D8D9C-B0A6-4C3B-8FDD-AB06B946EC67 2.JPG

tile mug 3 (12 oz) - $90

B6D860B7-0F68-466C-B843-4BB28719F15F 2_edited.jpg

tile mug 6 (12 oz) - $86 


sunny-side-up mug (12 oz) - $60

shipping & local pick up

If you're local to Seattle and want to avoid shipping costs, use code "LOCAL" at checkout. I'll be in touch to arrange pick up with you after the drop.

I ship to the US & Canada. If you are interested in international shipping to elsewhere, please get in touch prior to the drop and I'll see if I can ship to you!

thank you!

Thank you so much for supporting me and my art. You are the reason I get to keep this up as my full time job and I am grateful to all of you for your support, whether it is monetary or not!

Olive bowl 3_edited.jpg

olive magnets - $15/ea


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